Intellinet 10 Inch Cantilever Shelf

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Intellinet 10 Inch Cantilever Shelf – 1U, 350 mm Depth, Non-Vented, Black, Retail Box , 1 year warranty

SKU: 715102


Intellinet 19 inch Cantilever Shelf- 1U Rackmount Space, 350mm Shelf Depth, 19 Inch Rackmountable, Supports A Maximum Static Load Of 25 Kg, Antistatic Powder Coating, 1.2mm Steel Thickness, Non-Vented, Dimensions 350 (L) x 483 (W) x 44.45 (H) [mm], Colour Black RAL9005, Retail Box , 1 year Limited warranty 
Product Overview
The Intellinet 19 inch Cantilever Shelf 715102 offers more versatility for any 19″ cabinet or rack than the standard, fixed installation can, the Intellinet Network Solutions 19″ Cantilever Shelf will help any network administrator create the best network infrastructure for their purposes. Made of rugged steel and coated in antistatic powder to help prevent electromagnetic interference with vital networking equipment, this shelf bolts to the front or back of your cabinet and provides easy access to the tools you need, right where you need them.


• Non-Vented 19 inch Cantilever Shelf
• 1U rackmount space  350mm Shelf Depth
• 19″ rackmountable
• Supports a maximum static load of 25 kg (55 lbs.)
• Antistatic powder coating
• 1.2 mm steel thickness
• Colour: Black RAL9005
• Dimensions 350 (L) x 483 (W) x 44.45 (H) [mm]

• Stock Code 715102
• Description Intellinet 19 inch Cantilever Shelf  1U Rackmount Space
• Product Type 350mm Shelf Depth 1U Rackmount Space Non-Vented 19 inch Cantilever Shelf
• Supports A Maximum Static Load Of 25 Kg,
• Antistatic Powder Coating
• 1.2mm Steel Thickness
• Colour: Black RAL9005
• Dimensions 350 (L) x 483 (W) x 44.45 (H) [mm]

Package Contents

• 19″ Cantilever Shelf
• Set Of Four Cage Nuts

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 51,9 × 41,9 × 49,9 cm


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