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We have received some complaints in these days from our customers about FTP timing out while uploading big files. Although, After some major investigations we have found there is no problem from our side and also our network isn't facing any sort of ftp confliction. Though for using APF in recent times, instead of iptables firewall, this problem is causing major intrution in the clients arena. So we have tried to find a best figure to fix the problem.

While uploading a big files do the following to get relieved from Timing out problem:

Go to Start >> Run >> Type cmd >> On the prompt type the following command:

ping -t

Replace the with the hostname you are using to connect on ftp. After the command, DOS will instantly start pinging the hostname, and our hostname Ip will send a reply instantly. Keep the window open till you complete the full upload via FTP. This should fix the timing out problem.

We also recommend our client to call ISP and let them know to allow the FTP 4 and 6 Protocol under 21 Port. Those are the rules we use for connecting via FTP. Also try toggling your FTP Mode (Active or Passive) which might effect sometimes.

For any furthur problem please contact our support department.

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